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Black Panther

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2018

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Black Panther album description:

It is good. In terms of special effects and the idea. And the studio that made the film: Marvel Studios that makes all hero movies of the 21st century. Though, it’s not that directly unambiguous:
Black Panther (an invisible king of Uganda, a centuries-old peacekeeper) was made out like of resin, just like all latest films about Spiderman – he is no longer a human but poorly animated rubber CGI. The same is here with Black Panther: when he jumps in an environment, it is nicely visible that special effects are at the level of Titanic maybe, not Marvel of 2018.
Uganda has the underground city of Eldorado, which was not in South America but in Africa, under Uganda, which is a very technologically innovative city with so many new arms that even Marvel’s most tech-advanced dude would have a hiccup: Iron Man. Is idea exciting? Yep if only Uganda was a big state, not a piece of dust like for real.
It is maybe the first entirely-black film of Marvel, with the black main hero, his woman, the main antagonist, which is veeeeeeeeery tolerant. Overly, we’d say.
Music in the soundtrack is not something we’d all expect from Marvel: it is 100% R’n’B (‘I Am’, ‘Big Shot’, and ‘All The Stars’) and rap (‘Oops’). The main soundtrack’s star is Kendrick Lamar, with almost every song done either by him or with his participation. The only girl here is Jorja Smith. But she’s trying to be a white girl too heavily, which is pretty disgusting from the point of view of losing her face.
Mr. Lamar, though, always tried to put some deep thoughts in his lyrics (however, not always he succeeds in this while performing with other singers). His lyrics always win compared to all others in this soundtrack.
Among the famed actors in the cast are: Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Forest Whitaker, Martin Freeman (to tie a film with Marvel’s Universe), and Andy Serkis is the loudest-named of all actors in the film, a holder of 14 various awards.

February, 12th 2018


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