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Black Mass Soundtrack CD. Black Mass Soundtrack

Black Mass lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

November, 18th 2016

Black Mass album description:

Even from the trailer of the film we realize that we are very, very much want to see the movie itself. Not only because of play of wonderful actors, but more due to fascinating story. Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kevin Bacon, Dakota Johnson sharply and brilliantly show their acting talents here. Especially Depp shines, who, in contrast to other recent film on this site, Mortdecai, made a character, to which he has simply genetic predisposition. A nasty, dark, evil genius who speaks perfect worn-out and balanced words with violent awareness of their weight and the consequences, that we have goosebumps sized as a gecko.
A lot of Johnny, a lot of black humor, a lot of incredible dialogues and a lot of bright and catchy music in the film. Without latter the impression from the film would be incomplete. We can mention many great performers. But among them are Ella Fitzgerald, who performed a Christmas song in such a way so we have heard it from a new angle. And The Rolling Stones, who showed what is rock and how it should be done. It's big and bold example for all modern rockers, who think themselves that they can do rock.
The only representative of the country is a song Not My Cross To Bear. Warm Ways melts you like a good Cuban cigar. Don't Leave Me This Way – colossal at quality song, after which another music of this direction looks as child's play. The quality of this song should be a standard for the music in general. Regardless of the genre.
This collection is so highly qualitative that scale, where the maximum is marked "100", which is enough for the usual music, there just is not sufficient. Perhaps another 30% on top of the maximum point – it will be a true assessment of this sound.

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