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Big Hero 6 Album Cover

“Big Hero 6” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Cartoon • 2014

“Big Hero 6” Track List with Lyrics

A product of Disney studio, which for many years gives to its viewers, both large and small, wonderful cartoons that always not only beautiful, but also instructive. This film is not the exception. The new project from the world-famous creators, surprises with its revolutionary approach – in addition to high-qualitative graphics and the truth, old as the world, now the focus is made on the modern world and the world of the future.
Most of the soundtrack to the animated film consists of fully instrumental compositions, which is not surprising, because the epic scenes, many here, not necessary to be interrupted with even more powerful songs. Such famous bands as Big Hero 6 can be identified among the performers, the famous representatives of the modern genre of rock. They made the song named Immortals.
The defiant mood created when listening, and importantly you don’t get bored of it. Despite the abundance of instrumental works, they are all so different so do not leave a chance to be filled with some certain emotions.
We can find songs that represent each character individually, for example, Tadashi or Silent Sparrow – they just like the main character, the inventor boy. There is also a composition among the tracks called Big Hero 6, which can be considered as the title music for the entire film.
The energetic, catchy music must show clearly how the classic cartoon in a radically new modern shell has to look like. We did not remain indifferent. Now it's up to you!

January, 11th 2017


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