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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2017

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Bad Batch album description:

It is no wonder that such a gloomy film has the gloomy collection of songs. One of those films that won’t be filled and stuffed with humor as, for instance, Despicable Me 3 is. No, this is way another field of visual representation. It was released on June 23, 2017 (right at the day of writing this review) and we expect the entire 6 million dollars spent on its production will be recouped promptly. The story tells about a girl (Suki Waterhouse) who was mutilated by some scum backs and deprived of an arm and a leg. But she managed to escape and found the shelter in the character of Jason Momoa.
This is a dystopia that evolves from the position of the love story of Suki Waterhouse and Jason Momoa, who falls in love in the desert full of scavengers represented by other people. One of them, with a tiny participation and hard character, is Giovanni Ribisi (you will be surprised but he already aged 42). How strange but the main antagonist, the bad guy here is Keanu Reeves (aged 52 now), who was made up in order to lose his attractive body and face forms, to become fatter and more repulsive as a personality. Judging from the trailer, he succeeded in his role, which is another no-wonder thing as he always copes with whatever character he plays.
All That She Wants’ (by Ace Of Base) is one of the very famous songs in the soundtrack. The second one is Culture Club’s ‘Karma Chameleon.’ ‘Screws in My Head’ and ‘Firefly’ have depressing lyrics. Some pieces are instrumental, with no lyrics, like ‘Otherness’. Karma Chameleon is the only invigorating thing here, but it contributes to the general sense of the plot – karma is a chameleon – now you are a free person & the next minute, you are lying at the rusty table with limbs tied to its surface and some person starts to saw your hand off to fry it like a piece of meat.

June, 25th 2017


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