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Arthur - The Album Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2008

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Arthur - The Album album description:

A strange film about dunce, who has a huge fortune and spend it mediocre leading a fast life. He is constantly laughing. His laughing in the trailer annoys by the end of the second minute. Wildly. Such a woman like Liza Minnelli stars in the film, mostly known to us from the New York, New York film (where she sings the same song).
Christopher Cross and Nicolette Larson sang sad melodies. Well, we have what we have, because most of the others are instrumentals.
What this movie is about? Situation comedy. When muddler protagonist makes some unexpected and unacceptable things. And because of it they seem funny – because are unexpected (one of the principles of humor is a surprise: we laugh because we do not expect that something will suddenly be said or done; laughter in this case is the mechanism of evolutionary substitution of reaction of fear and thus we show others (and ourselves) that we are not really afraid, but quite the contrary). In addition to his disorderly behavior, the film tells a story, and, it should be noted, it is pretty decent. However, showing the high society with all its ugly boredom.
The film turned out to be very much liked by the audience. Having production costs equal to insignificant amount, as for our times, $ 7 million, the film grossed even now very impressive $ 95.5 million. And in 1981, it was approximately akin to 400 million. Crazy money!
We want to highlight the Best That You Can Do amongst the voice melodies – it is very thoughtful. Fool Me Again is pop, which is made from the heart and it is possible that it was thought-over for more than one week, because in addition to skillfulness in this song, there is also a deep understanding of what is sung.
The most “catchy” among instrumental melodies is It's Only Love.

April, 06th 2017


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