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A Bigger Splash Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

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A Bigger Splash album description:

'Everyone is obscene. That's the whole point'. These words from film, said by Oscar's Nominee Ralph Fiennes, can be its hallmark. Unpretty Tilda Swinton, who knows how to play complex characters, depicts here a former rock star.
Film of 2016 with good actors (Dakota Johnson is amongst them, if only to mention famous). Did you know about the existence of such a category of awards as the Best Innovative Budget Award? Anyway, the film got one such, whatever that means. Will it help to collect a lot of money at the box office? We’ll see. While information about the large sums have not been reported, you should know that this was in rentals (except of the festival’s opening night in Italy) for just a couple of days, and wide release is planned on May 13th. At the time, the film has collected a little more than USD 2 million. The main thing here is not plot, but acting expression and the beholding of their play, creating this especial atmosphere on the screen. It will satisfy even discerning viewers.
At first, meeting of old friends in the film recalls with its slowness Observatory Crest. After a short time, it begins to resemble Moon Is Up (by The Rolling Stones). And at the end, events become even threatening – so much so that the police have to intervene. Perhaps such passions as closely as possible can be characterized by the song Emotional Rescue with its stunning lyrics, but frightening content.
The collection of music includes additionally a couple of well-known names, such as Harry Nilsson. He sang opposing thing to opera Dal Labbro Il Canto Estasiato Vola, where, in contrast to the musical-style lyrics, distinct voice trills contained.
Most compositions here of rock genre, but also there is something soothing like Pranam II, in the style of Indian contemporary music.

October, 20th 2016


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