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8 Mile Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2002

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8 Mile album description:

8 Mile in is many ways autobiographical movie of Eminem, where he says how he started & exhibits a soul to beholders. Run Rabbit Run – is for revealing the essence of the protagonist, as Eminem is called Rabbit in here. Despite being written by Scott Silver, not Eminem, viewers understand that the film has been produced exactly for a singer, to spring his career even more. The soundtrack contains major compositions written by this performer, Lose Yourselff & 8 Mile Road, which lyrics are frightening gloomy. As for the other filling with songs – we can observe here 50 Cent with Jay Z. Despite their presence, Eminem fills a third part of the entire quantity & thus, we can call this film as his benefit performance.

In this film, Eminem works as a blue-collar employee & lives in the trailer with his alcoholic mother & her slacker boyfriend, who obviously doesn’t have a decent job at all. A guy later meets a girl, who supports him as a rapper, as well as many other people do during the plot’s development. But the main hero is not so trustful in his powers. Once, being on a stage, he panicked & fleet away, losing the rap battle. Destiny in the embodiment of his friend gave him another chance, so he could record his demo. He used it. Later, he had to choose what to do – either select his work on the night shift or go to new battle to try to win it. Although he tried hard to receive additional shifts to earn extra money, he chooses battle and wins. That gives him a huge chance to leave this habitual town to try to make a career as a rapper, as he always wanted.

8 Mile has collected almost 6 times more money in the box office than were spent on its production. People really started to talk more about Eminem. Despite general gloomy tone of the movie, as well as the lyrics of its songs, it was a good thing to watch in 2002.

July, 15th 2016

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