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Wish I Was Here Album Cover

Wish I Was Here

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

Wish I Was Here Tracklist

Wish I Was Here album description:

This is the film, which is almost unknown to the general public. With budget of USD 6 million, it gathered USD 5.4 million. We can say that it almost paid off. It is, in fact, quite controversial and confusing for people with, at least, its trailer, that isn’t remarkable. People wouldn’t be stimulated to go watch this movie, to spend their money on it.
The debut work of Zach Braff, who is the main actor, director and writer of this motion picture. Intricate plot, faded characters, inconspicuous presentation and lack of good humor. Here, almost all tied to the bright wig of girl who becomes very similar to the Hit-Girl (the heroine of a little girl from two good movies, acted by Chloe Grace Moretz).
There is plenty of great music in the collection – Broke Window or The Mute (country music) or Mexico (nice rock).
Thanks to Coldplay, we hear a good fusion of pop + blues. And Paul Simon brought notes of Africa in the collection, with its colored and dynamic drums.
The author of all that is happening, perhaps had hopes to repeat the phenomenal success of Stallone, who burst forward and shone like new copper coin on the horizon of celebrities after his Rocky. Perhaps he has capitalized something on selling the rights to film rolling. But if you take the shooting only as a business, it will not become anything substantial if you are not a professional in your field. Zach Braff clearly is not yet.
The film has its notable persons – Jim Parsons, who is known around the globe thanks to The Big Bang Theory. And another reference to the same series – in the video for the song The Head & The Heart there is a girl singing who is very similar to Penny. Jim played a small role. Kate Hudson is recently seen in some second-rate films, as here. Pity. She had a good start.

February, 12th 2017


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