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William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack CD. William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 1996

August, 01st 2016

William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet album description:

The 10-times bigger box office is a result of great acting work of Leonardo DiCaprio and a little merit of his on-screen partner Claire Danes. Actually, you know, this work of Mr. DiCaprio for about 50% resembles us his Oscar-carrying ‘The Revenant’ of 2015. He doesn’t waste his talent and is very selective to any movie he participates. As you may know, for the period of last 20 years, he starred only in 23 movies, which is indeed very small amount compared to other biggest stars of Hollywood hills. He acts in every film unbelievably thorough, considering every tiny thing and that is why he managed to – brace yourself up – in his 41 years to gain 169 (!!!) different kinds of nominations and to win 45 awards! In addition to that, he had produced/directed more than 15 films up to date and is simply very good-looking guy. We strongly believe that this fellow is the next Jack Nicholson if to name the most look-like-devil actor.
This film is a modern remake of William Shakespeare’s R+J, transferred onto same modern realities and having bands consisting of roughnecks who, at the same time, remember of fashionable attires to wear every day. The picture of Claire Danes with angel wings was, probably, one of the brightest symbols of the entire movie. She looked herself as an angel here, which is full opposition to devilish in his every movie John Leguizamo (whose one of the best remarkable images was Moulin Rouge!'s Toulouse-Lautrec).
Of course, with such pre-requisites we shall hear the modern music in the soundtrack. Garbage and The Cardigans with Radiohead are headliners, always revealing not biased lyrics. Lovefool song turned out one of the main hits, while two other singles support the Heavens theme: Angel with airy lyrics and Local God.

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