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Wild Tales Album Cover

Wild Tales Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

Wild Tales Tracklist

Wild Tales album description:

The film is really wild, as its name promises.
Firstly, it is a satire on our entire society, which mired in its affairs, and sees only one side of the coin.
Secondly, this is a film by genius Almodovar, who does not do anything bad for screening – just awesomely good.
Third, shown without decorations people and their actions, dictated by the environment and the wrecked brains.
“Brilliant” will be an understatement. You should see this motion picture to understand it yourself.
As for the music, it is chosen by the same genius way as the film has turned out – you'll see here the cover on one of the most popular songs in the world – Hallelujah, which this time sung in Spanish, and from this it has turned out even better than a lot of ways in English. We, by the way, like performance made by Jon Bon Jovi – it is the best one, even better than the original made by Leonard Cohen (he is 80 years old and he is still alive).
Song Lady, Lady, Lady known to those who remember the film of 1980s, in which it played for the first time.
Melody Titanium, of course, known for youth of 2014-2015, when it was a bright hit comet flying through the sky.
Fabiana Iardella has a great voice and excellent prospects for the future to become a first-class performer, if she will make maximum efforts.
Well, finally, Brahms played one of two instrumental compositions in this soundtrack.
As for the genre, we can say that there is a mixture, ranging from pop, ending with the gospel, also here we have rock, folk, jazz and dance. The quality of the collection and mood, which is given by this collection, on a scale of 0 to 10, is a solid 8. Just because it is of very high quality, as music to the good motion picture should be.

December, 26th 2016


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