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While We're Young Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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While We're Young album description:

One of the films with Ben Stiller, where he meets people differs from him and begins to fall in different comical and wacky situations, yelling and becoming an asshole in general. Despite such introduction, the plot is pretty much not trivial, at the same time, old as the world. Imagine that you are 40-45 years old and you meet people aged 20-25 years, who are so dissimilar to you with their youth and energetic so much so you admire them to madness, adopting their internal state and try to make it to be your own.
While the intricacies of the plot fall because of Ben Stiller, let us dive into the review of the musical selection of this motion picture.
So here, it is a tangle of very different styles and genres. Here we have Lionel Richie from light sounds of stylized bachata and classical Antonio Vivaldi and pop ( The Ghost in You ) and hip-hop ( Buggin' Out ).
Typically, such mixing of styles and genres is because of the fact that music producers did not find any single good direction of sounding, but in this movie it is due to the development of the plot, which emphasizes deliberate convex difference between generations and social strata.
Actually, quite a qualitative musical selection – almost every song individually performed well, such as Eye of the Tiger by Jon Bon Jovi (by the way, it is the second time when this song is used in films featuring Ben Stiller). About half of the collection presents "old school" rock and pop, so if you are about the same age as the main characters of the film, the music chosen especially for you. And if you so much as a second pair of protagonists, then the music will also be for you.

December, 19th 2016


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