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When the Game Stands Tall Album Cover

When the Game Stands Tall Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

When the Game Stands Tall Tracklist

When the Game Stands Tall album description:

It is not about the game. It's about growing up, compassion and forgiveness. These are the words in the trailer. It is about life itself – that's what we add from ourselves. When your life is determined by the game – it is wrong. Life should be a series of actions, achievements and events, not just a chain of victories or defeats that happen during every game. The game of entire nation, the game of hundreds of millions. Not only such qualities as strength, speed or endurance are important in it. A team spirit is the most important thing. It is strange that the concept of "socialism" did not take root in the United States, but its essence has remained fully in the concept of "a team". There often important, what kind of a team player you are. That is, how clearly you fulfill function of an ordinary particle. And for some reason it immediately becomes having no matter what your moral and professional qualities are. It turns out that if the team wins, then everybody done well. And if the team loses – the only freak who wrongly done something that has led to the team’s lost, would be you. Twisted morality. Double standards, which could always be turned against the individuality. We think that it is such a conclusion can be drawn from this motion picture, if to dig deeper.
For those who just in a mood for lofty feelings and a compatriot of this game, will find in this motion picture such things as solidarity with the team, empathy to all its victories and especially – to its defeats. All this richly flavored with compositions of completely different genres.
Do Or Die by 30 Seconds To Mars is most energetic melody in the collection. If there is anything more patriotic than melody Yankee Doodle, it is National Anthem. Flashlight is a funk and Tim Myers closed the soundtrack with fantastic quality.

February, 04th 2017


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