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Walking on Sunshine Album Cover

“Walking on Sunshine” Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

“Walking on Sunshine” Track List with Lyrics

The film grossed only USD 4 M. Such a figure can be considered as a total failure. We completely agree with the senselessness of what is happening on the screen, as correctly noted by Rotten Tomatoes. In the film, there is nothing even potentially interesting: a girl arrives on vacation to her sister who marries and suddenly wants to make love to her fiancé. The whole plot revolves around the wedding of her sister, and instincts to this guy. If you decide to commit an act of masochism, then consider the painfully banal cons of this belching of UK: tanned bodies, stupid girls, senseless dialogues, wanton singing and lack of plot. It also has pros: excellent voice of the main character, some good covers on famous songs (Eternal Flame, If I Could Turn Back Time).
Not all the songs, of course, sung with dignity. There are some painfully disgusting ones. It Must Have Been Love, for example. Roxette together with endless army of their fans would beat those who sang their undying hit so badly. How should not to love music to create such outrage? Boo, Hannah Arterton, shame on you!
Don't You Want Me? – is another slap in the faces of fans of good voices in songs. Artist need to be prohibited singing by law – his voice is like a chainsaw, which saws rotten cabbage. Only sour lumps fly in all directions and nothing more.
This film should be released on DVD at once, to be seen by as the least number of people as possible. And they should put XXX rating to cut all the audience off from it. And in general, never let it on the screens and to destroy all the records with it. Apply anathema and curse it. This is not a movie, but something very remote from life as Indian movies – full of beauty and wealth. If it more distant from life, it becomes more famous there. This one distant too. But unpopular, thanks to Heaven!

February, 14th 2017


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