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Tristan & Isolde Soundtrack CD. Tristan & Isolde Soundtrack

4.2/5 (26 votes)

Tristan & Isolde lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2006

A Different Land (Instrumental)


A King's Lament (Instrumental)


A King's Service (Instrumental)


Ambush In The Forest (Instrumental)


Back From The Dead (Instrumental)


Betrayal (Instrumental)


Dangerous Game (Instrumental)


I Dream Of You (Instrumental)


Isolde's Dream (Instrumental)


Leaving Forever (Instrumental)


Living Without Love (Instrumental)


My Face In Thine Eye (Instrumental)



Hana Pestle 

None Can Die (Instrumental)


Secrets In The Woods (Instrumental)


The Drawbridge Is Lowered (Instrumental)


The Queen's Funeral (Instrumental)


The Tournament (Instrumental)


Tristan's Final Stand (Instrumental)


Two Loves Be One (Instrumental)


Warriors Begin (Instrumental)


We Belong Together

Gavin DeGraw 

Wedding Cortege (Instrumental)


Young Tristan (Instrumental)