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Trainspotting Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1996

Trainspotting Tracklist

Trainspotting album description:

The budget was covered 32 times in this movie, where the biggest star is Ewan McGregor, who in 1996 was almost unknown person. Sometimes there are films that make actors rise the next morning after the premiere to know they became stars. It was the thing with Danny Boyle after this work. Actually, it was one of many his great works, after which followed fabulous horror movies ‘28 Days Later’, ‘28 Weeks Later’, and inimitable social drama revealing the dark Mumbai’s side ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, which raised several stars and USD 377 millions vs. USD 15 budget, ‘Steve Jobs’, which barely overcame its budget in the box office and he also plans Trainspotting 2 in 2017.
This film is about drug addiction and poverty that are occurring at the background of economic recession in 1980s in the UK. We see here many people suffering from their morphinism and, of course, the beholder will see some deaths connected with abuse of the forbidden substances. Don’t wait too colorful themes from this film.
Iggy Pop & David Bowie made a collaborative song (Night Clubbing, telling of the place of time spending of the main characters) and Iggy Pop did a separate single (Lust for Life), which tells in aggressive lyrics of desire to life in the rock way, and should suit the main hero, but it doesn’t fit him on a 100%.
Underworld is pretty tranquil, as rock only can be. It even may be of a new wave era, but the same could be the garage indie rock, as its sound and lyrics are slightly immature. The opposition in style is Mile End of 4.5 minutes long. It is British-style pop, carefree and denying dying out of all things, somewhat similar to The Beatles. Well, you know, every British band looks 40% like The Beatles, it is obvious from any side.

August, 01st 2016

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