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The Wizard Of Oz Album Cover

The Wizard Of Oz

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1995

The Wizard Of Oz Tracklist

The Wizard Of Oz album description:


The Wizard of Oz in Concert: Dreams Come True is a distinctive musical performance that aired in 1995, bringing a unique twist to the beloved 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. This television special was staged as a benefit concert at Lincoln Center, with proceeds supporting the Children's Defense Fund.


Musical Adaptation – Herbert Stothart
Associate Conductor – George Stoll
Lyrics By – E.Y. Harburg
Music By – Harold Arlen
Orchestrated By – Leo Arnaud (tracks: 4 to 13), Murray Cutter (tracks: 1, 2, 14 to 23, 26)
Producer – Bradley Flanagan, Marilee Bradford
Producer [Associate Producer] – John Fricke
Vocals [Additional Munchkin Vocals Provided By] – Abe Dinovitch (tracks: 4 to 13), Lois Clements (tracks: 4 to 13), Nick Angelo (tracks: 4 to 13), Robert Bradford (2) (tracks: 4 to 13), The Debutantes (2) (tracks: 4 to 13), The King's Men Octet (tracks: 4 to 13), Virgil Johansen (tracks: 4 to 13), Zari Elmassian (tracks: 4 to 13)

Stellar Cast and Performances.

The concert assembled an array of famous musicians and actors to recreate the classic roles. Jewel starred as Dorothy, Jackson Browne took on the Scarecrow, Roger Daltrey portrayed the Tin Man, and Nathan Lane filled the shoes of the Cowardly Lion. The production also featured Joel Grey as the Wizard, Debra Winger as the Wicked Witch, and Natalie Cole as Glinda, each bringing their own flair to these iconic characters.

Music Highlights.

The musical performance was enriched with memorable songs from the original film, including hits like "Over the Rainbow" and "If I Only Had a Brain." These classics were interspersed with some unique interpretations, such as a gospel version of "You're Out of the Woods" by Natalie Cole, which showcased her impressive vocal abilities.

Reception and Legacy.

The event was well-received, noted for its creative staging and the strong performances of its cast. It managed to evoke nostalgia while providing a fresh take on the traditional story and its characters. The concert has since held a place in the hearts of viewers who appreciate this innovative approach to a classic tale.

Impact and Significance.

The concert not only served as entertainment but also as a philanthropic effort, highlighting the relevance and adaptability of L. Frank Baum's creation. By blending the familiar with the novel, this production demonstrated the timeless appeal of The Wizard of Oz, continuing to enchant audiences while supporting a charitable cause.

April, 19th 2024

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