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The Thing Soundtrack CD. The Thing Soundtrack

4.2/5 (21 vote)

The Thing lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2011

Antarctic Standoff (Instrumental)


Autopsy (Instrumental)


Can't Stand the Heat (Instrumental)


Cellular Activity (Instrumental)


Eye of the Survivor (Instrumental)


Female Persuasion (Instrumental)


Finding Filling (Instrumental)


Following Sander's Lead (Instrumental)


God's Country Music (Instrumental)


How Did You Know? (Instrumental)


I Gotcha

Joe Tex 

In the Ship (Instrumental)


Into the Cave (Instrumental)


Meating of the Minds (Instrumental)


Meet and Greet (Instrumental)


Open Your Mouth (Instrumental)




Road to Antartica (Instrumental)


Samiid AEdnan

Sverre Kjelsberg & Mattis Haetta 

Sander Bucks (Instrumental)


Sandors Sucks At Hiding (Instrumental)


Survivors (Instrumental)


The End (Instrumental)


Well Done (Instrumental)


Who Can It Be Now?

Colin Hay