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The Sword in the Stone Album Cover

The Sword in the Stone Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 1963

The Sword in the Stone Tracklist

The Sword in the Stone album description:

All songs performed here by a group of actors who are named like this: "The Sword In The Stone Cast". Of course, such a cute cartoon was made by Walt Disney – who else would? Only they know how to make full-length cartoons, beautiful, lifelike, with characters having normal human proportions of bodies and heads (and eyes). With expenses on production of USD 4 million, its box office was USD 22.2 million, which makes its result quite serious for 1963 year of release. By the way, this cartoon was released on Christmas Day, December 25, so that it can be considered as one that adds legacy of Christmas and all the warmth and kindness that is connected with this family holiday. In voicing, there were no big-named actors. But those times, more than 50 years ago, it hasn’t been considered as trend to invite actors, whom they had to pay large fees to voice cartoons. Even the actors somehow were not eager to make some cash on such a nice job as the voicing of the children's films. Obviously didn’t considered it necessary to perpetuate own name, because Disney's cartoons will successfully survive the many films in which the actors normally starred.
Higitus Figitus and A Most Befuddling Thing – the best and brightest moments of this motion picture. Music written by George Bruns – the man who wrote the music for the myriad of films of Walt Disney Company and even in 2001 was named as a legend of Disney. After all, he worked as a music director of all this giant conglomerate as much as 23 years! Too bad, he died in 1983. But over a half a century of activity, he managed to do so many and was a great musician.
One of the best animations from this studio by the mood!

April, 06th 2017


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