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The Royal Tenenbaums Album Cover

The Royal Tenenbaums Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2002

The Royal Tenenbaums Tracklist

The Royal Tenenbaums album description:

Interesting comedy from 2001, bizarre and peculiar – it can really be characterized with these two words from its trailer. We would also add ‘hilarious’ – as the best comedians star in it. Gene Hackman (retired from acting in 2004), Bill Murray, Gwyneth Paltrow, Ben Stiller, brothers Luke Wilson and Owen Wilson (Ben Stiller eventually became friends only with one of them – Owen), Danny Glover and Alec Baldwin – a hell of a team, yeah?
Royal Tenenbaum is the name of a person, depicted by Gene Hackman. He is funny and disgusting, his family hates him and he has, according to the plot, only 6 weeks to reconcile with every his hater, as he wants to leave this world with pure consciousness.
Many old-years stars like John Lennon and The Ramones embellish the soundtrack to the film. Lennon’s fantastical Look At Me expresses sorrow and disappointment, despite very uncomplicated lyrics. His voice under the guitar sound is everything that could be said about the grief of the protagonist. The Velvet Underground’s Stephanie Says is almost a lullaby from the first seconds. Tranquil sounds of xylophone and violins coupled with the same calm voices can characterize the mood of the protagonist closer to an end of the movie, when he had reconciled with everyone and, in the first place, with himself. 2:46 of pure tranquilization from the lyrics and the melody.
Ramones gave totally rabid rock in their Judy Is A Punk. Nothing remarkable in its lyrics, it is just about two plain persons, a girl and a guy, who will do nothing in their lives and will only die. It is to underline the inevitability of faith of the main hero, who is the same plain person, but he managed to bring up three enormously successful children. What we will bring out of this movie is understanding of finiteness of all things.

August, 01st 2016

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