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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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Teresa Palmer, who in this romantic drama stars in the main part, is terribly painfully similar in appearance & complexion to the most popular a few years ago Bella character – vampire heroine of pentalogy named Twilights (The saga), personalized by Kristen Stewart. They two are almost indistinguishable, except that Kristen's eyes are not as piercingly blue as Teresa’s, but gray. What is the essence of the film, you ask? The complicated love story, which very finely & precisely catches all details of the stages of relationships – from mild interest to despair & self-sacrifice, when you hold the hand of a dying dear to you person in a hospital ward. Stories as such, the world has heard for million times, only now it is transferred on the screen with genuine passion, like the one that is heard in the song Terrible Love. Often delicate as the Sahara Smith, but more often – expressive, filled with those passions that are clear to all & that open secret doors in every heart, if it is not completely hardened.
The collection consists exclusively of songs of various rock subgenres, from spring-lightweight (It Gets Better) to hard rock (Black Betty, which is already among hundreds of covers, created on this song with enviable regularity). All songs are full of emotional lyric, just like Veronica Falls – very solidly, with a desire to convey impulses to the audience be means of full-fledged screen action.
This is not just another romantic comedy with artificially created obstacles & circumstances for love (as in blunt “How To Loose Guy In 10 Days”). It's not even a comedy. It is clearly understandable drama, filled with life circumstances, from which any girl will cry on the shoulder of boyfriend or husband, requiring to listen a strong collection of music, full of emotional lyrics.

October, 29th 2016


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