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Tammy Soundtrack CD. Tammy Soundtrack

Tammy lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2014

February, 12th 2017

Tammy album description:

Melissa McCarthy made another film (where, in addition to starring, she produced it), where she showing-out her thick body and plays on that, as the world is cruel to her and so on. Weak plot, despite the presence of such number 1 actor as Susan Sarandon. Last worked-out her money efficiently, completely confound and eclipsed Melissa with own acting. Latter mistakenly thinks that she is an actor also. This requires talent, not just a figure of 200 kg of weight and the constant emphasis on the fact that "the world is bad and does not understand me". Judging the reviews of real people in the Internet, not some pompous critics, Melissa once again played fatty slob who wants to be loved, but her husband is a blockhead because he doesn’t like fat ones. But she wants to fill the belly more and all her life’s dilemma is in this. In short, all the jokes are included in trailer, and the film is actually a drama about the inappropriate behavior of some moronic young thick women with an IQ like dill, which only destroys everything around her life.
That is the awkward feeling when the grandmother you want more than a granddaughter. It seems that Susan Sarandon only gets prettier with age and her acting deserved Oscar even in this wonderfully idiotic motion picture.
The music accompaniment to this is full of good sounding, in contrast to the plot of the film and its main character. Which, oddly enough, loves good sound. Well, at least something nice. It is the love of beauty. Lynyrd Skynyrd presented rock & roll. Song Thrift Shop is a country pop with De Lorean car. Hard To Handle is excellent country. Love Somebody is one from most soulful songs. Possum Creek also brought country notes that win us with good performance. And their name will appeal to fans of furry animal with restless temperament.
Reference: More about 'Tammy': IMDb profile, Wikipedia page

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