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Taken 3 Soundtrack CD. Taken 3 Soundtrack

Taken 3 lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2015

A Stutter

Ólafur Arnalds & Arnor Dan 

Angel Lover

Dave Antrell 


David Menke 

Come And Play

Ralph Lamb / Andrew Ross 

Darlin' Take Me Back

Guy Edward Fletcher 

Dil Ley Gaya (Stolen Heart)

Dhiren Raichura Infinity – The Xx 

Every Promise I Ever Made

Darrell Wayne Perry & Donald Ross Prifmmer 

Happy Birthday

Mildred Hill & Patty Hill 

Howling (Ame Remix) (Instrumental)


Pirate Sounds

Ariel Rechtshaid, Josh Kessler, Lewis Pesacov 

Poor People

John Moran 

Rad To The Bone

Giles Edward Palmer 

Romantic Rendez-Vous

Chris Laurence / John Horler 

Strange Land

Hart / Dudas 

Sugar Daddy A

Luddecke Larry / Lenart Paul 

Thanks For Everything

Dick Walter 

That's How We Do


The Big Night

Sam A Mcloughlin 

The Stars Above

Mardi B Sheridan / The Bards / Mike Balzotti 


Glass Animals 

Up In Ova

George Byrne 

Yesterdays Are Gone (Instrumental)

Zachary Shaffer 

January, 08th 2017

Taken 3 album description:

We were a little upset that about half of this soundtrack cannot be found on the Internet. Maybe because it is still goes into the box in some places? However, the remaining half speaks a lot.
Firstly, it is a great action movie; every breath is accompanied by some excellent action on the screen. Each subsequent part of the film tends to surpass the previous one, as if there comes some kind of competition for entertainment. Have you ever seen that car beats off the front wheel of the aircraft while it is taking off? After watching the film, you'll see. Some of the effects created in a unique embodiment, their analogues did not exist before. Here we have continuous explosions, car chases, shooting and it's done in incredibly exciting way. Liam Neeson many times threatened to leave the show business, but every time he came back, just taking required relaxation. This year only, he pleases us with two exciting entertaining action films.
What about music, there are different genres here: pop (Poor People), lounge, folk, rap, country (Every Promise I Ever Made), electronic and jazz (Come And Play). The predominance is given to the pop genre in all its variations.
The collection includes 22 songs, with two instrumentals. They all are samples from different eras – beginning with England of 50th of the last century (Ariel Rechtshaid, Josh Kessler) to modern America (David Menke).
For some reason, most of the compositions by the mood created in contrast to the film. Contrary, they are slow, gentle and relaxed. The film is intense and breathtaking.
Reference: Visit "Taken 3" profile on IMDb, more info on Wikipedia

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