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Taken Soundtrack CD. Taken Soundtrack

4.2/5 (26 votes)

Taken lyrics

Soundtrack for Movie, 2009

96 Hours (Instrumental)


California Girls

Brian Wilson, Mike Love 


Joy Denalane feat. Lupe Fiasco 


Joy Denalane f/ Lupe Fiasco 

Death, Coma, Life


Escape From St Clair (Instrumental)


Happy Birthday (Instrumental)

Patty Hill & Mildred Hill 

Hotel Camelia (Instrumental)


Inside My Head

Pauline De Saxe 

Mout Ah Lik

Philippe Guez & Patrick Maarek 

On the Boat (Instrumental)


On the Rooftop (Instrumental)


Opening (Instrumental)


Othet Songs


Permission to Go to Paris (Instrumental)


Pursuit at Roissy (Instrumental)


Pursuit at the Construction Site (Instrumental)


Pursuit by the Seine (Instrumental)


Saving Amanda (Instrumental)


The Auction (Instrumental)


The Concert (Instrumental)


The Construction Site (Instrumental)


The Dragster Wave


There's Somebody Here (Instrumental)


Tick Tick, Boom

The Hives 

To the Airport (Instrumental)



Pauline De Saxe 

Yesterdays Are Gone

Zachary Schaffer