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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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Tak3n album description:

The third part of the once huge action movie starring Liam Neeson. High-quality big-budget motion picture tells us about a guy, already our favorite one, former government agent who fights for the freedom and safety of his family, while not hesitating to put himself at risk.
An experienced character pursues our hero, the old soldier, officer of the local police, but it’s not that he cannot catch him but rather chase action looks too exciting to interrupt it too quickly.
The film is filled with spectacular fight scenes, races, dramatic moments of reunion and separation of family, and it makes the film not too long, but having a brilliant story. The soundtrack consists of more than twenty tracks – quite an extensive selection. Most of the music performed by Nathaniel Mechaly, including the main theme titled Taken 3 Opening. Special attention should get the Up To The Russians by the same author. A product from The XX titled Infinity closes the collection of tracks.
As a film of this genre should be, the music is differ with special rhythm and skillfully creates the right mood. The musical accompaniment sounds pretty aggressive, but opening and closing tracks differ with calm mood – apparently, the creators decided that the viewer should take a break. Well, the overall assessment of this soundtrack cannot be objective – not because that the listening without view is nonsense, but because of the fact that the soundtrack to this movie does not let you perceive the sound without pictures.
In addition, in our opinion, the collection is full of songs that provoke anxiety; a couple of quite songs are missing here, which line would have a calm heart rhythm. But you may disagree.

January, 10th 2017


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