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(SIC)Monic - My Own Reflection lyrics

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My Own Reflection by (SIC)Monic

I'll be the victim bleeding in the gutter you be the phantom in the wind it
Shudders send me on my way to soulful sweet decay for the last breath I'll wait
In vain the sweet sound that drives me insane every last one of us will
Eventually forget why we came
To forget were the same
Disconnects our hearts in the same breath I'll smash it all with one single
Attempt they'll stand back and scream with contempt that you are not god but
You're my master better start running through time much faster
Drift to the sound shallow halls of silence impound and
Desperation is finally here
Swallow my own reflection voices taunt from all directions
It's catching up on your heels it's plastered self-realization and know your
Levitating back through your own deception seems like you've lost the
Connection rifled through time the blackened divine with colors in my mind I'll
Paint in words sickly sublime the plight of the weak is found in the streets
[Chorus 2x]

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