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(SIC)Monic - Shadow Bound lyrics

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Shadow Bound by (SIC)Monic

Never meant to compromise born to indefinitely fantasize the lies you breed
Form to greed infest me please with sunlight and a promise to infinitely be
There in that same old disguise that I despise and with (chorus) arms wide open
I know fall from grace and the lies you sold them you soon must know face
Leaving nothing but my own twisted thoughts like the lies you so openly bought
Open hands and grandiosity know I'm quick to believe quite possibly that this
Medium is my own simple cure walking forward shadow bound more so than before
Suddenly look away then fall flat on your face I'm slowly falling off
Trip breathe inhale the dark sequential quick demise the painful compromise
Know hold your ground and sway to and fro decay
Encrypted and stifled by those eyes infiltration condensation realize the build
Up of times unspoken the remains of bodies broken is the reason that I pray for
Peace between the cycles of you and me (chorus)
Between the cycles of you and me

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