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(SIC)Monic - Oxygen lyrics

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Oxygen by (SIC)Monic

Deep in the stillness of the storm I lay my body down to rest between these
Particles of oxygen in liquid form To leave my home behind and walk to the
Place where I first believed all along the way I past where I fell in love with
Oxygen and I though that I knew what it means to be fearless to be grateful all
Along I merely dwelled in the crevices of the hands that hold me down Deep in
The stillness of the earth I lay eternity down on it's back and wrap my hands
Around it's neck to try and choke out Untie me from this chaos I'm bound to
These memories I walk thru sanctity clarity that I found when all I did was
Breathe Remember what it feels like to be stripped of your dignity in the
Moonlight shown in the light for what you truly are no more secrets your are
Exposed and the lunacy that's coursing through your veins is blacking out your
On move on away

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