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Pain Confessor

Song Lyrics

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Album: Purgatory Of The Second Sun (2007)

Album: Fearrage (2006)

Album: Turmoil (2004)

! (Foreword)
A Trace Of Blood
Animae Partus
Beyond The Mirror
Black Hills
Brickwork I
Brickwork I (Leaving Entropia T5 A)
Brickwork Ii
Brickwork II (This Heart Of Mine T5)
Brickwork Iii
Brickwork III (Song For The Innocent T5)
Brickwork Iv
Brickwork IV (Descend 1)
Brickwork Ix
Brickwork IX (Ashes T5)
Brickwork V (Leaving Entropia T5 B) (Instrumental)
Brickwork VI (Ascend 1) (Instrumental)
Brickwork VII (Ascend 2) (Instrumental)
Brickwork Viii
Brickwork VIII (Second Love)
Brickwork X (Descend 2) (Instrumental)
Chainsling T5
Dea Pecuniae
Deus Nova (Fabricatio)
Diffidentia (Breaching The Core)
Dryad Of The Woods T5 (Instrumental)
Erased Of Empathy
Falling (Instrumental)
Fiery Thorns
Handful Of Nothing
Her Voices
Hollow Souls
In The Flesh
Inside Out
Instinct To Resist
Just Names Remain
Lake Of Regret
Lilium Cruentus
Lilium Cruentus (Deus Nova)
Morning On Earth
Nauticus (drifting)
Never Learn To Fly
New Year's Eve
New´S Year Eve
Nihil Morari
Oblivion Ocean T5
Pluvius Aestivus (Instrumental)
Poor Man's Crown
Reconciliation T5
Shore Serenity
Song For The Innocent
Soul Eraser
Spirit Of The Land
The Big Machine
The Perfect Element
This Heart Of Mine
This Heart Of Mine (I Pledge)
Thorn Clown
Timeweaver's Tale
Undertow T5
Void Of Her
Waste Of Good Suffering
Welcome To Entropia
Whenever Dark Draws Near
Winning A War T5

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