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Pain Confessor - Never Learn To Fly lyrics

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Never Learn To Fly by Pain Confessor

[Japanese bonustrack]
[music & lyrics: daniel gildenlow]
When I was a little child, I once found a bird lying on the ground.
It would not ever fly again.
I held the bird up in my hands, I she'd my tears over the lovely song that
Not longer could be heard.
Never learn to fly.
With dirty hands I dug a hole and gently laid the bird to rest in soil:
A wound in the tear stained mud.
My tears wore rain as I revealed the secrets of a tree.
A cross of bark to speak through wooden grains:
"never learn to fly"
I sang a song which I remembered my grandma used to sing
For me, when I was sick and laid in bed.
Then I cursed that day for showing me my own mortality
For then I knew that all that lives turns cold. Cold and dead.
And now time has passed by beneath my wings.
[kristoffer gildenlow]
That was then I'm older now, but still I can't forget that rainy day.
I raged against the ending times, though some day soon my son will maybe
Find the tree I cleansed of skin.
No chain-sling will ever climb it's rotten limbs.
And when the time has come for me to die, I want to lie beside that bird.
Never learn to fly.
When I was a little child, I once found myself dying on the ground
And now I'll never

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