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Nick Granato - Purple Conspiracy lyrics

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Purple Conspiracy by Nick Granato

Words & Music by Nick Granato
It all starts when we’re born
Something simple like the clothes we wore,
Girls wear pink, boys wear blue,
I’m wondering who made up these rules
Even as we grow nothing really changed
Everyone still thinking pretty much the same
We’ve all been judging by color all along
It’s easy to see something’s really wrong
Cause there’s a Purple conspiracy,
Nothing but a cultural tragedy,
You got to cover up, got to hold back
Cause they do want to see a color like that
They’ll say ‘you should try blue or maybe green,
You got to blend in if you know what I mean’
You should try a color that’s not so bold
You might find people wouldn’t be so cold….
For years we’ve all been living this lie
Handed down to every child
It’s ok to be who you are
As long as you don’t go too far
It scares me to think people live that way
But you can see it everyday
Just watch the way they turn up their nose…
I think it’s time they’re all exposed…
They all will to tell you what’s good and what right
And how everything’s supposed to be in life
Well I believe there’s been a crime…
© 2006 Song Harbor Music/BMI

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