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Nick Granato - On The Horizon lyrics

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On The Horizon by Nick Granato

(V1) Oh the horizon, it holds so many questions,
It's hard to tell what lies beyond the sun
Such promise, hidden somewhere far away,
In that special place where everything is one,
At times it's hard to see what tomorrow's gonna bring,
Winds could catch you sails changing everything…
(CHORUS) Is that a vessel, or an island, or just my imagination?
It is the ocean, as it rises, or the clouds out in the distance
Is it a dream coming true, or am I just wishful thinking
You never know what's waiting or hidin'… on the horizon…
(V2) Oh the horizon, sometimes the danger lies,
The clouds can cover up what's in your path
At any moment, you could be fighting for your life,
Unaware that help is right there in your grasp
Sometimes your eyes can fool you into believing what you see
Sometimes things are not what they appear to be…
(Bridge) Reflections and distractions
Makes it hard to just stay focused
And the dark can bring disaster,
If you don't know which way you're going…
Where are you going, are you going… going….gone…
(V3) Oh the horizon, it's always out there waiting,
But it's better just to let it wait for you come,
At any moment, you could sail into the harbor
And find that your journey here is done
There'll be another day, there'll be another sun risin'…
In another place… in another life… On the horizon…
Words & Music By Nick Granato
© 2004 Song Harbor Music/BMI

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