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Nick Granato - Learning How To Live lyrics

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Learning How To Live by Nick Granato

Words & Music By
Nick Granato
I've been known to take some chances,
I've been now to break some rules,
I've done some things that I regret
And I've been called a fool,
I've had my share of heartaches,
And I have had some fun,
And there's been times I should have stood my ground,
Instead I turned to run…
And all my life I've been learning how to live,
Exactly what to take, versus how much I should give,
And through it all, we're gonna find out in the end,
Then it all comes down to love,
When you're learning how to live…
There are those that claim the answer,
But do they really know,
Or is it all just a mystery,
That only seems to grow,
There's been many disappointments,
And many victories,
But when it's all been said and done,
Do we all know where we'll be…
The lessons that I've learned
In this life just make me strong
And I find, there's a real thin line
Between what's right and wrong…
© 2001 Song Harbor Music/BMI

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