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Madd Maxxx - Before lyrics

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Before by Madd Maxxx

Before the first track that you heard me rap
A lot of people talked shit right behind my back
They didn't think that I would notice
But a lot of things can change if you just learn to shift your focus
So take notice:
I'm about to break this down
So everyone can know how I got into the underground
I was found by Violent J the day Hell's Pit dropped
Flew me out to do a track,
Thought that it would pop but it did not.
Guess it just wasn't the right time
Or I just wasn't the right guy
Anyway, light time
The song that he heard I recorded with Lo Key
Even shouted him out on the OG
We met at the Gathering 04
He messaged me on the chat board
Don't remember what he did that for
Had to travel out so many hours to levy time to record
Chillin with his boys gettin fucked up sleepin on the floor
Time went by, shit got hot
People are startin to notice all the fire we got
In the Absence of Sanity and Sick Hop
When them shits dropped
The speculation stopped
Cause my shit KNOCKED.
When the solo came,
It kinda felt like the labels stayed focused on the solo name
So I had to try to get out and find my place
Funny what you get when you don't check with your chase
Heard people were talkin shit
So as far as the history lesson goes imma leave it at this:
I trust no one.
Still think that someone in Infect don't like me
And at least one of them dudes wanna fight me
But I try and tread lightly
Really ain't beef no more
At least not on the forums and boards
I'm down with whoever's down with me
Mothafuckin Hytown records and CCE!
That's the click! We on some massive shit
Some lyrical satyrs caterin the masochist
Ask your chick
They'll tell you that Madd Maxxx is a bad cat
Spittin crack rap for your backpack right?
Where does it go from here?
Really can't say
But I'm excited to go because I start today
And that's the deal
And don't ask about Purgatory
That's a really long fucked up story
Believe me
(Much love and respect to everybody over the years that wasn't just trying to fuck me over and go for self. Fuck y'all)

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