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Madd Maxxx - Vengeful Possession lyrics

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Vengeful Possession by Madd Maxxx

This is one step closer to doom
Everybody killing everybody in the classroom
No logic the shots are constant
Nobody but the cops know who can stop it
Nobody gets spared of the slaughter
Mothers and fathers, sons and daughters
So put a bullet into your best friend
This is simply the means to an end
Time went by after the massacre people forgot what happened
The past aint real if no one remembers the tale to tell
Now I'm alone in hell
But it really don't matter shit it aint so bad
It's a whole lot better than the time I had
On earth my pain
Was stuck in my brain
But now I scream as I twist through the flame
The war remains the same I guess yall forgot the reason that your friends got shot
Cause yall aint stop and you still talk shit to kids like me
It was unlikely
Anything would change
That's why I blew out my brains
After the fact of course I mean think about it
Could have yelled and complained at the board
Screamed till my throat was sore
Still wouldn't get shit done
A hot gun
Was my one way out
Incidents like this are shrouded in doubt
They happen all over not just right here
Oh shit that gave me an idea
If only one voice cries out in pain
It's noticed for a moment that goes away
But if everyone dies right at the same time
I know they'll remember mine
So much to do so little time but I know I can do this shit if I try
I gotta possess the children get em to go to school and bring guns in the building
And start killing their family and friends
I wanna hear the sound again
All the teachers screaming
Cheerleaders bleeding
Murdered in cold blood for no good reason
Started by invading their dreams
Showing them terrible things
And as the fears increased
My power did to now all the puppet strings are controlled by a beast
Hatred increased
Attendance descended
Thousands of kids were expelled and suspended
People pretended that nothing was wrong
But a couple of kids saw what was going on
They could tell it was some serious shit
Pretty much everyone of them slit they wrists
Cause I made them think that they just couldnt cope
And I always wrote their suicide notes
No one spoke of the terror to come
No one can stop it now they all too dumb
Now kids go unload your dads gun
We about to have some fun
Today is the day once again
Hope yall said bye to your friends
Cause now it ends
Every other kid strapped with a gat
Tucked in their lunch sack, jacket, or backpack
Now everybody all at once grab your guns and dump
Every school every part of the country is lit up and covered in blood and it's lovely
No one will survive
Everybody grows frustrated walk to the scene you will die
No one can cry they don't have time as they try to hide
As the bullets fly by
Gauges, techs, glocks, revolvers and bombs
You people check the news
No one can explain it
Who could arrange it
They all went insane, deranged and brainless
Now most of them share the third
Everyone lies bleeding, crippled, and burned
Those still standing turn their guns around and let a round off
Now everybodys dead
All the kids at least
Now I can have my peace
If anything this teaches yall one rule
Don't fuck with a pissed off loser at school

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