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Madd Maxxx - Come N Get Me lyrics

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Come N Get Me by Madd Maxxx

Somebody tell me what's the deal
Yo does anybody know who's keepin it real?
I just love it,
Other motherfuckers talk shit
But you know they'll never stand above it
Madd Maxxx got murderous tracks
I'll swing an axe at your back
Till your chest collapse
I seriously suggest
You don't test the best
Get split so quick it'll leave ya breatheless
Don't nobody wanna touch it
I bust it with such a rapid percussion
I'll leave ya kid a concussion
I'm just sayin
Don't nobody wanna be playin
You best bust back quick son, I ain't waitin
Nobody could ever believe
A kid like me would conceive this masterpiece
Well listen up dude
I got news for you
I only done but a few
I got lots to do
Don't nobody even really wanna fuck with me
Madd Maxxx got the tracks that'll make ya scream, yoo
Come n get me I know that you want to
Don't nobody here know what I do
Anybody that's talking tough
If you busts real rough then step on up, maan
Come n get me you punks can't see
How I robbed this beat so deviously
If you really got heat
Come bring it to me
And we'll see who's gettin at it seriously
I'm like Kruger furnace I blasts so hot
You ain't even got game yo you only a mascot
That's what I been trynna say
Killin any motherfuckers trynna get in my way
Anybody actin funny
Yeah hire a dumby
I buck a shot off the top leave a hole in your skully
I mean, I ain't even trynna thug
But I can leave you fucked up like a pound of drugs
No I ain't kill a man
You don't think I can?
Don't talk, be real, come n get me man! (yoo)
If I ever gotta deal with another
Dumb motherfucker talkin this that and the other
Imma grab the gloves and then a baseball club
I'll beat his head into a blubber
Then go home and tell his mother
From seaside heights to the beaches in Cali
Everybody know I'm loud like a holy rally
Talk shit but you don't know me blow me
Flow slow like a ghost movin on the low key
There ain't anybody here that can hold me back
Get slapped with a spiked bat they flat like a fapjack
Gettin hos like a porno show
Everybody wanna talk but they just don't know
Kill a hundred at a time like I dropped a rocket
Leave a crime scene so horror even the coroner vomit
Can't stop till I'm up on top
I can't write anymore my pen begged me to stop
I'm hot like a stolen car
You know who we are
You retards won't reach too far
Once I enter the game leave you ghosted for smokin the frame
Come n get me you weak as lames

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