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Local Porn Star - I Failed lyrics

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I Failed by Local Porn Star

I try, I try, you're not satisfied,
Please you, appease you, always on the down (in)side.
How the fuck can I always be wrong,
An why the fuck has it lasted so long?
I can't understand, the way you treat me.
When I lose, you choose, to take my dignity.
Now what am I suppose to say,
When a bitch like you treats me this way?
I tried to buy you happiness, but I failed,
I tried to give you what you wish, but I failed,
I tried to give you want, but I failed,
Your hearts flame I tried to feed, but I failed.
Fit your mold, identity sold, that's not my bag,
You ban my flicks, my porn pics and my porn mags.
Keep your cool? The golden rule? Be a gentleman?
I'm out of my seat, I wont retreat like the people of
I petition, the tradition that we address,
The one that controls, over our souls as we regress.
In the debate that is at stake you will not prevail,
Cuz when I try for you bitch all I do is fail.
I tried to buy you everything that you could ever want,
I'm breaking myself for all I'm worth and you still act
Like a cunt?
I'm thinking of a love that might be mine and you're
Still thinking of dollar signs,
Will you except this intertwine, a $100 bottle of wine.
I always thought your mind was on me, but my loot is
All you see.
Now that we were so concrete, but now always shit on
I guess I have to leave you bitch, unless that you can
Make a switch,
Or do I have to dig a ditch for you, you fucking evil
Always fail at what I do, guess there's no pleasing
Fronting on my crew, I'm a porn star baby I thought you
Now get out of my face, I'm tired of talk, Do yourself
A favor and talk a walk,
Or get your ass outlined in chalk, leaving you still
Like a celery stalk.
Now this is how we do it and we do it just right,
We fuck it up tonight.

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