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Local Porn Star - Girlfriend's Mom lyrics

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Girlfriend's Mom by Local Porn Star

She calls me names and talks behind my back,
I'm always wrong she never cuts me any slack.
Because I'm not good enough for mommy's little girl,
She lives so detached in her own little world.
And It's always for me, she's got some shit to say,
But playing her little mind games isn't my forte.
Those dirty looks and ones of disgust,
The way she views me just isn't just.
J-U-S-T Why you got to judge me?
J-U-S-T Why you got to hate me?
You hate me... Why you go to hate?
Hiding behind her wallet full of dead presidents,
She comes after me like she was hell bent.
Make snide comments about what I choose to wear,
Why the fuck does it matter, why the fuck do you care?
You can talk shit about the ink on my skin,
But what's worse my ink or your upper class sins?
And I still got something your money can't buy,
Your daughters love until the day I die.
Can we tear it up? Can we tear it up?
Well tell it how it is because we don't give a fuck.
You got lies, spies, a poker face disguise,
And you're always looking forward to seeing my demise.
A cycle of hate, man we can't relate,
We won't hesitate, to retaliate and set your as
You're so under handed, you got my name branded,
You better check your ass or get a stunt double stand
Because your money, your green,
To me it don't mean a thing,
So stop and listen to the message that we bring,
Penetration to your mental location,
Six degrees of separation has got you hesitating.
When you smile with your face, your fucking eyes show,
The hate inside you, your mind and your soul.
Now tell me what I did to really hurt you,
All you can say is lies that I can see through.
Now I may not be the smartest the richest or even the
But one hell of hearts in this here chest.
You try to get rid of me, with the little things you
But seeing me around is something you better get
Accustom too.
Why you got to hate me, why you got to hate?

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