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Local Porn Star - Lost Constellation lyrics

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Lost Constellation by Local Porn Star

Stumbling through the dark, my feet in motion, my minds
In park.
False eyelids have cast a shadow upon the path which we
Sight left seared by the setting of the sun,
Dusk a memory of the night that has begun.
So goes my thoughts, eclipsed with the moon.
I fear that my dawn will not arrive soon.
Eyes to the sky as I'm try to find my way.
Blinded my hand in front of my face.
Lost our youth, our truth,
Let them combine.
With these tears in my eyes, blurred vision stars to
Darkened night sky suppress the inner mind,
In order to survive I must find, provide,
A path to salvation from the stars the shine, reside,
In this lost constellation in my mind.
I can't navigate through this see of stars.
Bright ones flicker, fade away and I can't tell Where
We are.
Staring in the dark, stumbling on these broken parts,
Once close, so far.
Take a look and you will see, the stars were shining in
Front of me.
Take a look and you will see, the stars have faded,
We're lost at sea.
So you decided, to take the path where the dark
So you decided, so you decided to take the path.

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