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Legendary Pink Dots lyrics

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A Crack in Melancholy Time
A Lust For Powder
A Message From Our Sponsor
A Space Between
A Strychnine Kiss
A Terra Firma Welcome
A Terra Firma Welcome (track 11)
Aaazhyd China Doll
Black Castles
Black Zone
Blowing Bubbles
Blowing Bubbles (part Iii)
Break Day
Casting The Runes
City Of Needles
Cloud Zero
Crumbs on the Carpet
Crumbs On The Carpet (track 4)
Crushed Velvet
Curious Guy
Dolls' House
Echo Police
Encore Une Fois
Expresso Noir
Femme Mirage
Fifteen Flies In The Marmalade
Flesh Parade
Flowers for the Silver Man
Geisha Mermaid
Ghosts Of Unborn Children
Golden Dawn
Gorgon Zola's Baby
Green Gang
Guilty Man
Hotel Noir
Hotel Z
Hotel Z (track 5)
I Love You In Your Tragic Beauty
Jewel In The Crown
Jewel On An Island
Joey The Canary
Just A Lifetime
Kingdom Of The Flies
Laguna Beach
Laughing Guest
Leper Colony
Lisa's Party
Lisa's Separation
Love Puppets
Lucifer Landed
Madame Guillotine
Madame Guillotine (track 1)
Neon Mariners
New Tomorrow
Nine Shades to the Circle
Nuts in May
Oasis Malade
Oasis Malade (track 6)
On Another Shore
On Another Shore (track 2)
On The Boards
Our Lady In Cervetori
Our Lady In Chambers
Our Lady In Darkness
Our Lady In Kharki
Paris, 4AM
Pennies For Heaven
Poppy Day
Premonition 16
Princess coldheart
Rattlesnake Arena
Rope And Glory
Siren (track 8)
So Gallantly Screaming
Softly Softly
Softly Softly (track 3)
Stitching Time
Stoned Obituary
The Angel Trail
The Angel Trail (track 9)
The Collector
The Dairy
The Death Of Jack The Ripper
The Fool
The Gallery
The Golden Age?
The Grain Kings
The Guardians Of Eden
The Heretic
The Hill
The Key To Heaven
The Last Straw
The Light (In My Little Girl's Eyes)
The Lovers
The Lovers (part One)
The Lovers (part Two)
The Month After
The More It Changes
The Ocean Cried 'Blue Murder'
The Palace Of Love
The Plasma Twins
The Pleasure Palace
The Qaspell
The Red And The Black
The Safe Way
The Shock Of Contact
The Talent Contest
The Unfortunate Demise of the Favulous Puccino Brothers
Third Secret
This Could Be The End
Tower Five
Tower Four
Tower One
Tower Three
Tower Two
Traitors Gate
True Love
Twilight Hour
Under Glass
Waiting For The Cloud
Wall Purges Night
Waving At The Aeroplanes
We Bring The Day
Wildlife Estate
Window On The World
Zero Zero

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