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Legendary Pink Dots - Jewel On An Island lyrics

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Jewel On An Island by Legendary Pink Dots

Bills were mailed express, black borders ordered PAY. Across the page the
Figures were laying and laughing... Jenny ripped them up. She ran the bath.
Called her daughter, told her "Count to three, then throw the toaster -
Mummy's ghost will watch you from a better place. Be brave!"
She braced herself but plugs were pulled. No power, so she crawled into
The kitchen, tried the oven. Slipped her head in sideways, raised a hand,
Switched on the gas... No hiss, alas! She snapped. She snatched the safety
Razor, slid it across her wrist. She snapped a dozen plastic knives. She
Tried a dive through double glazing. Taps kept dripping. Rats were running.
Vermin squirming in their holes, the neighbors banging on the walls.
Outside the sirens were blaring. Babies screamed. The jailer was staring at
Her nakedness; smiled from the mirror with a key tied on a string. She
Can't get out, he won't come in... Round and round we go. Her tower. MY

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