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Knightowl - What You've Been Thinking? lyrics

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What You've Been Thinking? by Knightowl

I don't know what the f**k you've been thinkin
But now your sinkin into deep f**kin sh*t
I don't know what the f**k you've been thinkin
Now get taste of this mothaf**kin clip
Ain't nobody bad like this mothaf**kin nut
I'm puttin this sh*t all in your gut
A little puto's gettin cut
I don't give a f**k
Yes you's about to get stuck
In the middle of the night
Boy I'ma turn off your lights
I be that dope mothaf**ka
Comin out that 619, you press rewind
And listen to my lyrics one more time
I'm back like Jesus
So step the f**k back
This ain't no nic nac patty wack bull sh*t
This is my sh*t
So sit before I split you f**kin cranium in two
What you wanna do
Mothaf**ka you ain't sh*t fool
So f**k you
I'm the dopest of them all
Committing sin to your f**kin skin
The Kngihtowl's got to win
Every f**kin battle that I'm in
You know I'm leavin that ass hopeless
I got the scope and I'm focused
A punk b**ch like you can't handle
A real f**kin vandle
Don't step to the lokest
The move you's bout to make is fatal
I'll rob you life like a malester
Does a mothaf**kin cradle
You ain't able to kick up dust
Like me when I bust
That mothaf**ka fool that got the slugs
Like bugs you gotta get sprayed
Then laid like mothafucikn rugs
I'm the baddest and the maddest
You become I'll beat ass like a drum
You can't get none
Cause The Knightowl still number 1
Dismissin all b**ches
I'm puttin fools in ditches
Puttin stiches in a b**ch named Shadow
Mothaf**ka you ready to battle
You said you were the dopest
First learn how to write your own f**kin lyrics
I brings no gimmic
Now don't you try a mimmic
A dope fool like me
Who'll have you runnin beggin for mercy
Or I'ma slice that f**kin throat
That's all sh*t wrote
Cause you's a mothaf**kin b**ch fool
Not check the lyrical status
I'm in you can't come in
Go ahead keep knockin
I got you jockin
Know you know The Knightowl
Keeps on stalkin
You used to be down with the cliq
But now it's Lil One them roams the streets with I
There's an old sayin that "b**ches never multiply"
So die you weak little f**kin punk
I'd like to throw you inside of my trunk
And stick you in the river
And hope your f**kin ass don't live
You should of known family sticks like glue
Makin money off of you every f**kin day
Bean boy, I heard you're f**kin gay
Actin like you was a f**kin friend
Until the end
I gotta stay true
But you's a little b**ch
So f**k you little leva you're through
So watch that ass you f**kin re-fried wet back
I'm evil like sin
My foes become holy like a bible
I'm liable to crack the f**kin back of your dome
Like an ass
You know I'm not RUN DMC
So you best not ever COME WALK THIS WAY
I'm puttin my knife in your thoat
And pullin out your f**kin tonsils
Bite your adam's apple
Slice your eye lids with a broken bottle of snapple
Smoke that ass like some f**kin tabacco
Unavoidable my attentions be to
Get rid of all you rap b**ches such as you
And all your weak ass punk mothaf**kin home boys
Bring the noise you've been thinkin your bad
But when you see me comin
The day that I put this gat in your mouth
MC's like you start runnin
Convicted of many felonies
I was born to be notorious
And still to this f**kin day
The dopest of them all
Is stillin comin out victorious
I'll plan all of my hits
Like the Knight Stalker
And make you a think of the past
Like Hershal Walker
So think about your next move
Or wind up in a dumpster
And never try f**kin
With the real bald headed 619 thugsta
Pointe trucha tambado
Shadow watch your back fool
Cause I'ma get you mothaf**ka
Knightowl comin at em for 98
With my dawg Steve Viscous
Doin that crazy sh*t mothaf**kas
Ain't it just don't stop
61 mothaf**kin 9
619 fool
61 mothaf**kin 9
619 fool

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