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Knightowl - You Did Me Wrong lyrics

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You Did Me Wrong by Knightowl

[Chorus: Kozme (Singin)]
You............ chavala...........
You did me wrong........
[Kozme (Singin)]
Yes I admit
Sometimes my mind is cynical
But it's gonna take a miracle
For you to survive
Here me baby
I got to hand my business
As God as a witness
Before the hearing comes
So I loaded unloaded
Re-loaded my clip
On a bald headed fool
Why these mothafuckas
Always tryin to talk shit
With me hoes suckin
Fools be duckin
They best run and hide
Cause everybody's
Somebody's fool
But I ain't nobody's punk bitch
I'll tap that ass
Cap that ass boy
And throw your body
In the trunk snitch
Knightowl be the one to bust
Everybody runs like a little bitch
If you wanna battle me
You gotta be the next fool
That I put inside a ditch
I'm the baddest of them all
Try to get em up and fall
Many wanna try but they gotta die
Makin em cry when ever I ball
Sluggin them all in the dome
I gotta roam so I bring the fuckin chrome
Ain't nobody bad like this mothafucka
That is bustin slugs given them a home
On the other side of the tracks
Where ain't nobody comin back
I'll be the one that'll rap
You'll be the one that'll nap
When I bust caps
I shoot em all craps
Those that wanna battle
I'ma grab em
Puttin them all in a box
Those that'll talk
Won't be able to walk
I'm the one that rocks
Why does every body
Wanna be like me
Is it I'm OG
And you could be the man
With the plan
Friom the wicked city
Of the big SD-a

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