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Knightowl - The Baddest lyrics

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The Baddest by Knightowl

Artist: Knightowl
Album: The Wicked West
Title: The Baddest Mutherf**ka
Watch me creep and snipe mothaf**ka
Don't believe the hype
Cause that sh*t's not alright
Around my hood alot of fools be f**kin braggin
Actin loc puffin smoke Ben Davis saggin
Bald headed I becomin leavin em shredded
Mess around and you won't live to regret it
Cause I be evil just like Kenevil
And you know that f**kin ass I got to whip it like D-BO
Whip it good through out all the f**kin neighborhood
b**ches back stabbin always be the ones braggin
But I got some thing for that ass I'll be ready
To give a mothaf**ka bad dreams just like Freddy
So when you see me
I think you best believe that a fool like myself
Will always rock them f**kin belts
Knightowl be the lokest
Bringin all the drama
And to those that disagree
b**ch go f**k your momma
What's my name
The Baddest Mothaf**ka
And who I be
That mothaf**kin OG
You can't mess with the mothaf**kin real
So listen to the sh*t that I reveal
Alot of people talk smack
But never back it up
I'm the kind to rip it up
And you're the kind to give it up
I'm leathal like venom
Lead I put in em
Do you wanna mess with this bald headed felon
Think about it
You'll end up in some plastic
Cause sh*t around my side of town
Is always getting drastic
Why play the role
And be a f**kin hero on a mission
I think you better just keep wishin
You haven't got a chance
When you're messing with a criminal like me
The K the N the I the G-H-T
O-W-L bustin slugs on my enemies
I'm cuttin them up like if they was a bisectimy
I don't give a mad f**k about you life
So why in the world would I respect your f**kin wife
f**k the both of you
And if you got kids f**k them too
Nigga now watcha gonna do
It be my last time around on this mothaf**kin track
I'm bustin lyrics like a mothaf**kin gat
The sounds that I be bringin
Excites me when I flow
Straight out the f**kin 19 0 4
You couldn't compete
You couldn't beat me with your mothaf**kin hand
So sit that ass down or become part of the land
I'm unfadable, some say I'm very hatable
2 b**ches datable
You know my dick's available
Open them legs and let me put my prick inside
I'll do you like a doggy
b**ch and then I'll let you ride
Hoes ain't sh*t but a mothaf**kin past time
They come to easy like a mothaf**kin fast rhyme
Out of my mind I carry like a blade
Blowin em up like gernades
I kill like f**kin aids
So learn who you mess with
And who you f**k with
Unless you wanna be another f**kin myth

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