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Knightowl - Whats It All About lyrics

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Whats It All About by Knightowl

Artist: Knightowl
Album: The Wicked West
Title: What's it All About
[Knightowl (Talkin)]
I'd like to dedicate this one
To everyone who has lost someone in the past
May the man upstairs give you eternal life
And may your soul forever rest in peace
Why does it got to be like this, will somebody tell me
Why we always die, and leave them love ones back to cry
Things ain't never been fair, but nobody said that life would be
In this world you ought to there's no such thing as guarentee
I remember the day I called my perro on the phone
His mom picked up and told me that he wasn't comin home
I couldn't believe it, the night before he was kickin it at my pad
It's sad, the kid that he left behind will never call him dad
I keep such prescious memories alive, in the back of my mind
And how I wish that I would be able to just turn back the time
Through all of them days when I was young
It seems like yesterday
But who's to say what's next
The thank the man upstairs today
Now all I can do is reminise
And think about those special moments that I carry
Shit's gettin scarry
The life we got we didn't buy it's borrowed
Nobody promised us tomorrow
In this world so filled wit sorrow
[Chorus: Chris Gunn]
Tell me what's it all about
In this crazy world we live in
Why's it have to be
Another tradgedy
And if tomorrow never comes
Will I get to say good bye
To all my family [my family]
Rest In Peace to all of my dawgs that left
We ain't forgot you somebody shot you
No it's time for us to get revenge
Smokin somebody ain't alright
But it's gonna make me feel alright
Puttin the gat in your mouth
And squezzin the lead right down your pipe
One man's joy be to destroy somebody else's home
But the consequences
You must pay will make you bullet prone
Death comes quick to those that feel they're invincible
You're unconvincible now you became invissible
You got exposed, and got disposed
They left you decompose
Now at the morgue you lay with chondo all across them toes
So what be the next move
That a man like me must go and make
I'm not a fake, there is a thin line between love and hate
That runs inside of my vains like blood
And you always circulates around me
It's kinda wicked how this bad luck found me
I lost two homies playin around wit guns
I swear it's sad, Wolf at Eno's porch
And Scrappy in front of Woodie's pad
Lord have mercy
On all of those that have past away
That is the only thing
That we all must have to face some day
Nobody will be able to run
We all must live and die
But when it's time to go you got to go
Them spirits fly
The gates of hell be open
Waitin for those that didn't do right
Or will you be, one of the few that'll see the light
You got the choice, so be a man, stand up and don't complain
If not your ass might be next to live in eternal pain
[Knightowl (Talkin)]
Yeah, life is really gettin crazy these days
But if you play, you got to pay
It's just that simple
So watch who you mess with
Cause things these days ain't fair
You know what I mean

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