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Knightowl - I Think I Better Warn Ya lyrics

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I Think I Better Warn Ya by Knightowl

Knightowl (Talkin)]
CG drop that beat homie
That's what I'm talkin about loco
Black Gunn all up in the house
Knightowl bout to show em how it's done
For Cali, you know what I'm sayin
So all you fools keep trucha
And keep talkin that smack
You'll gonna land flat on your back
Cause Knightowl's the dopes vota
You ever seen on this block
And peep game
Think about your dome
Do you wanna make it home
You better not mess with this vandle
You'll never be able to handle
I be comin out that 6-1
The N-I-N-E OG I be
So everbody know that I gotta stay
Sucka free
It's all about that SD
I gotta flow that'll make em panic
Fools run it's like I had a gun
Lyrical I just begun
Demestratin all that things I can do
Think that you can get me too
But every time ya'll try to step
You bring your whole damn crew
Listen to this vato that'll speak
Mothafuckas nothin but reality
So you wanna get em up
But are you down to hang around
Knightowl be the mas loco
Rappin dope when out the cocco
Ain't nobody bad enough to come
To come and try and battle me
When I bust a vocal
Learn everybody take a seat
You better be the bum to compete
I know that I'm the man the best
There ain't nobody that'll beat
So you better pack them bags
And break to another city
It is out bumpin enamegas I be lumpin
Straight pumpin when I'm dumpin
I think I better warn ya
It'a all about California baby
I think I better warn ya
It's all about California baby
It's that westside of Cali
The Harbor be the area
Come step to this I'm darin ya
I remember way back growin up
In the hood it was all good
Even though alot little levas
Wanted to take me out
They knew what it was all about
Bats and chains I'm crackin brains
Alot of fools that I left in pain
Never did I lose a battle
Gotta send a disrespect to Shadow
Knightowl be the one you wanna be
Try to flow like me and sound like me
There ain't nobody dope enough stop
It's you I gotta drop
Everybody oughta know I be the mas chigon
The microphone I rip
And you know I'm never gonna quit
Until the day I die
Wonder why you're not around
Cause ain't not down I got that evil frown
You's clown
MC like bite you don't even write
Look inside of your album
And read them lousy credit
I think you best forget it
Better quit it if not you might regret it
I never had a doubt
I know what you're all about
You're just a phony
That fool that rides a pony
Deep inside you're feelin lonely
Knocks on the door
But you stay indside
You don't come out
I'm the one you called up on the phone
When they wanted to get inside your
Fuckin home
Step to this and you might be
The next to land inside a box
Just like Biggie Smalls
It be lucifer that calls
Why do you wanna play the role
Better not talk til that ass walks
Boy I think you better chill
But if not I think your blood
Is gonna have to spill
Reggie Valenzula be the name
Of that punk that needs to go
How'd you like my hood gettin
Sprayed on that garage door
You're boys were there
But what they do
Go head bring all your crew
The baddest of them all
I'm bad to the bone
The latest Al Capone
I'm blowin up Buddy Holly
When I bust big like Dolly
Them ladies wanna give it up
I'm the one that rip's it up
I fuck it up
Burn everybody learn
That I be huntin
You're weak just like a women
You be runnin when I'm gunnin
Disloacted Amputated never made it
You can faded
Why you gotta playa hate when I'm the baddest
MC on the planet
Knightowl justs the love
For the real thugs that got my back
Ya'll know where you at
But the rest better be ready for combat

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