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Knightowl - Im On The Outside Lookin In lyrics

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Im On The Outside Lookin In by Knightowl

Angel Nicole]
West Coast Baby Owwwww....
That's the way to represent
That's the way to represent
Alot of sin bout to be committed
You messed around with this bald headed fool
You done did it
I can't look back at what I've done
Now I'm on the RUN like DMC
Somebody help Lord forgive me
For all of my sins
Do I still have a chance to go up top
Probably not
I do not want to get caught
Even though sometimes I think that I deserve it
But the Devil got's me captive
I gotta stay active
Now who be the next fool
That want's to get that slug
Inside of that dome
And never make it home
Fools wanna mess with the lokest
But a vato like me gives em all a casket
I'll shoot em like a basket
But this ain't Micheal
This is the bald syko
You wanted to box
But now you say that I'm the one that rocks
The Knightowl rains just like water
The dopest of them all
Get's around just like your daughter
I'm on the outside lookin in
My mind's playin tricks just like chicks
So how am I supposed to win
Evil surrounds me
It's always all around me
I got's to give the man up top
Thanks the day he finds me
Thank you for the sour note your wrote me
You said that you was my women
But now I'm just assumin
That all them things you said
Was they just a bunch a lies
That had me fall inside a trap
I'm bout to take you off the map
I never met defeat
Until the day I saw you
I'll never but no one above you
Because I love you
But time be makin people change
And act funny
If I didn't have any money
Through out the day would it be sunny
I don't think so
Cause life be full of krime
The place I live is viscious
In order for me to survive
I got to stay maliscious
The Knightowl be comin equipt with the clip
I know that I'm better then all
Ain't nobody like me
Cause I'm that one OG
Untouchable lyrical MC
The one that'll bust
The one that be lettin em know
That I'm the one that's always in control
You better be ready to rock it steady
I creep like Freddy
Like MTV Get Cut
Cause I'm the one that rips it up
Somebody help me find a way
The man that I created
Inside of myself just won't be duplicated
My thoughts be full of sickness
But if you's a witness
You know you got to be the next to split and that's it
The Knightowl never be jokin
That shirt and bllod be soakin
You wanted to battle the loco
Your brains flew out the coco
Now I trip on all of them fools
That claimed they used to be my dawgs
I got that wicked style
I've always been a problem child
It's kind of funny how they all stick tight
They help each other write
But still can't win cause I commit sin
You got no HOPE like BOB
A presences that be felt
Like I was rockin the mic at the Roxy's
Fools stop and SWEAT like KEITH
You're green just like a leaf
I'm knockin out their teeth
You're just an indian I'm the cheif
And now you got now FAITH like EVENS
You start to tremble
Shakin all inside them boots
Like this was ROOTS
[Knightowl (Talkin)]
Much love goin out to "The Sinister Minister"
Mr. Darren Black
And to my dawg Chris Gunn
Way to shoot em down fool
That's right
And to that freak with the spooky voice
Angel Nicole, much love baby
The Knightowl's gone
For the 98 to the 99
To the year 2000
Cause I'm insane
In the brain
Causin you much pain
And I remain to be the one
That's always on top

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