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Dorsal Atlantica - Fighting In Gangs lyrics

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Fighting In Gangs by Dorsal Atlantica

The existence of these groups is illegal but the law rests when the sun sets.
Gangs of religious militarists
(The state police, a sect with political education and/or policemen the religious education)
Who terminate beggars and bums to protect their moral behavior,
By day, like excellent fathers and policemen.
The gang of the Clandestine is formed by hardworker's children.
Kept from governmental vigilance ever since delivery,
Performed by Clandestine doctors,
Away from schools that only teach hardworkers to be hardworker's children.
The Clandestine are one of the religious favorite gangs to be arrested and tortured.
The Green Shirts youngsters, who follow reactionary rues,
Are a serviceable arm of the religious military movement.
There are some semi-pacific groups like the Drug
Freaks depending on the reaction and the quantity of the drug.
The girls who belong to these gangs are more courageous than most of the others,
From their very early years, they have been taught not to be libertine,
This being related to the fact that they don't get pregnant.
With more courage they face the possibility of being arrested in philthy penitentiaries.
Till the moment they are sent to S.R.S. (Social Readjustment Square).
The prejudice among the groups is not just a fact in the gangs.
The Undergrounds themselves discriminate a lower class, the Homeless.
The Uppermost take advantage of this disagreement.
Fighting in Gangs
Some youngsters get together in forbidden gangs others
Try to be accepted practicing the most popular sport:
The railroad surfing. The first are chased to work
Until death what's left for the late ones is to
Live and die by the rules.
In each shadow a gang each one has an objective.
Each one look like one another despite all that.
No one understands.
They're all lost.
"We're the gang of the numberless ever since we were born we never had documents.
It's hard to talk about a city that doesn't belong to us.
We listen to heavy sound. we love our girls. We simply live.
This bothers much. Our parents pray for our exile in counter system".
[Clandestine's dad:]
"Counter system is a city separated from ours by a
Castrating wall they say that there are no leaders no orders".
[Clandestine or numberless:]
"What can a youngster want? Fighting in gangs!"
The clandestine idolize the indians a free legendary race people doubt they have existed.
The numberless believes it's possible fighting in gangs is what's left.
It's in the sky it's the warning from the police come
On let's play the stalker and the prey again.

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