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Dorsal Atlantica - Misery Spreads lyrics

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Misery Spreads by Dorsal Atlantica

Clandestine farm hands raise small kitchen gardens in
The country side of the Drain Traps, there's a black
Market of natural food without contraceptive drugs.
The food is used as an unofficial currency.
Many Undergrounds pay dues of a notebook of the
Revolutionary war destined to get funds for a
Revolution in Hierarchic Democracy, that shall permit
The carries the right of taking part in the future
Revolutionary government of collision.
Other Undergrounds believe that these notebooks are nothing
But a governmental trick to choose the food used as
Currency, regarding that the hard workers earn in
Kilowatt salary hour.
Some Clandestine are even born due, to the eating of purified food and water.
This being done by female Hardworkers.
The government is aware of this and in order to take hold of the situation tries to
Extinguish this food with the spraying of Agro-drugs
In the Undergrounds suburbs.
To tell the truth, they complain but they pay their monthly dues.
Light methods are more worth than a thousand clubs.
Misery Spreads
The election day is drawing near the promises as well,
There are two candidates the now president and the opposition the
Military religious ones have given a relief the gangs during
These weeks prior to the elections but posters cover bathrooms whore
Houses and loudspeakers in the streets transmit the speech of opposition:
"Stand for the new. Amnest to all gangs, new age of
Progress needs a leader, I'm elected for the first time to be the
Father of you all".
Misery spreads in the working class suburbs
Intelligent Load carries are not interesting to state
To the hard workers the tools sex as much as they want
Is enough and they watch the railroad surfin' games
(So that they feel a little human).
One of the clandestine speaks aloud to stray the attention of the others:
"Many stay in silence uncertainty rounds their thoughts
Maturity is a kind of obedience what do the years keep for you?"
"For us a new life in counter system we need to be more united than even before".
Everybody holds ones another but one of them called IAN listens more than speaks
"Go to next door".
IAN doesn't have much of a conscience of what's happening he's
Never chosen anything in his life his parents decided he'd be
Clandestine the state decided he'd be chased his
Friends decided he'd be one more time decided he wouldn't have more time

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