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Dorsal Atlantica - Hierarchic Democracy lyrics

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Hierarchic Democracy by Dorsal Atlantica

The sleeping hard worker listen to the television
Propaganda. Each whispered word get into your
Foreign propaganda about the city of Hierarchic Democracy:
Hierarchic Democracy
"Our biggest party is the social readjustment a parade in February
Where the poor and the rich fraternize. In this city sex is free because
Water and food are contraceptives your dreams in the ideal city".
The truth about the social readjustment:
"Hard workers and bosses face one another down there
Naked hands rum with stones up there in the lofts
Hands shoot to kill the tourists
Love the rhythm of these solidary people". (like said the propaganda)
"the readjustment works to eliminate the excess of old workers and
The unwanted as a whole".
Hierarchic democracy
16 daily hours killowatts salary hour they live in drain traps and are called the undergrounds.
In the lofts of buildings the owners of the machines practice the military religion and they are the uppermost.
Drain traps of the families terminated by the readjustment are delivered to a new family with lower salaries to be terminated tomorrow as well
Government reasons: "Social readjustment your retirement still incentivates the tourism in the city".
The female hard workers are fertilized by the test tube method when
The state wishes new workers use the official semen of the prized
Toady hard workers and a conceptive drug.
Hierarchic democracy

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