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California Redemption - Demand truth lyrics

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Demand truth by California Redemption

We don’t know what’s going on. Most of us don’t care.
Few of us have realized that they don’t want us to hear.
We’re going through this world with blindfolds on our eyes.
We wake up; turn on the news, bombarded with lies.
We demand the truth, throw away your lies.
We demand the truth, that’s our battle cry.
The (god, church, corporate industry, government, tobacco industry) is killing aimlessly while trying to sensor everything we see.
I thought we had a democracy. Since when was speech not free?
Why the f**k am I not as good as you?
Why can’t I be told the truth instead of the stories that you brew?
Very few people read the paper anymore
they watch TV, play video games, and try to beat some score.
News of sh*t that’s not important fill our TV screens.
a few words of kidnapping and none on police brutality.
The media’s only showing the profitable news
of things we don’t care about.
Which corporation will pay them more?
That’s all that they care about.

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